LabComm uses email to provide labs with the status of analyser connections and information on errors or issues.
We normally use our own email server, but we can use the lab`s email server, to send out the emails.  

The list below is a  list of the analysers we have interfaced to. We can interface to most of the analysers that support the following communication protocols

LabComm collects data from an analyser by connecting to a port on the analyser. This can be a LAN (RJ45), USB, or Serial (RS232) port.

The majority of analysers use serial ports to send and receive data from. Serial ports are also known as RS232 ports. RS232 ports can have different pins or connections within the port and this may require that a cable with specific pin configurations be made up. We can provide the correct serial cables. The end user who wants to interface to an analyser using LabComm would not need to worry about the cable configurations - we are providing this information for reference and guidance only.