Data is automatically collected from the analyser and sent to the LabDriver server. LabDriver have a number of solutions including a GSM solution that will send data from different analyser locations in different countries.

Global Analyser Connectivity

We have analysers located in different sites and even in different parts of the world and we want to send data back to the same or another country. Some of the analysers are used in vehicles so we need a mobile solution. How do we achieve this?

Technical background of the HL7 data format.
LabComm & LabDriver use the HL7 data format to exchange information, where the data is provided as files or as a TCP/IP socket connection. This is the most widely used data exchange format in the healthcare industry. It is the defacto standard in hospitals and the healthcare industry in most countries. HL7 is a ratified standard ANSI standard which has been developed over a long period of time. 

There are 2 email features that provide users with the status of analyser connectivity and information on errors or problems.
We can use our own cloud email server, or your email server, to send out the emails. These features are optional - you do not need to use them.


LabComm collects data from an analyser by connecting to a port on the analyser. This can be a LAN (RJ45), USB, or Serial (RS232) port.

The majority of analysers use serial ports to send and receive data from. Serial ports are also known as RS232 ports. RS232 ports can have different pins or connections within the port and this may require that a cable with specific pin configurations be made up. We can provide the correct serial cables. The end user who wants to interface to an analyser using LabComm would not need to worry about the cable configurations - we are providing this information for reference and guidance only.