Analyser Acronyms

COM RS-232 serial port in a Computer (PC)
VPN Virtual Private Network, an extended LAN. VPNs could be used e.g. between different hospitals or to communicate between laboratories and hospitals.
<cr> Carriage return character, decimal 13
<lf> Linefeed return character, decimal 10
ACK Acknowledge character in ASTM protocols, decimal value 06
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) Standards. In this context, a common name for communication standards widely used by laboratory analysers. Further details at
USB Universal Serial Bus, a means to add peripheral devices such as a scanner or camera to a computer
ENQ A character in ASTM protocols used for starting communication, decimal value 05
EOT End of text character in ASTM protocols, decimal value 04
HIS Hospital Information System (similar to LIMS)
LAN Local Area Network (Ethernet LAN)
LIMS Laboratory Information System (similar to HIS)

Health Level 7 application level and presentation level communication Standard for healthcare applications. Further details are here and the HL7 website is available at

IFP LabComm Interface Program
NAK Non-acknowledge character in ASTM protocols, decimal value 21
RS-232 Serial communication standard. An RS232 interface on a PC is called a COM port