A Hospital Pathology lab can have a very large number of analysers and can process several thousand samples per day.

LabComm offers you the ability to save the data in both an SQL database AND HL7. The LabComm database can get very large if no archiving takes place


Archiving Data-01

The Hospital pathology lab has 25 analysers. The analysers are interfaced and sent to a LIMS / HIS system

The hospital sends the QC results to a separate system. The hospital then uses two systems, one for QC as well as the main HIS (Hospital Information System)

LabComm separates the result and the QC data. The result data from the analysers is sent to the Hospital LIMS system using HL7 TCP/IP socket communication


Archiving Data-02

The hospital wants to keep 90 days of QC and Test data in the LabComm Database

The hospital imports the test data and QC data in real time so it does not need another data storage system.



QC and Test Data that is older than 90 days is archived

The archiving process is automatic via a configuration setting. Data that is older than the selected range (in this example 90 days) is automatically removed from the DB.

The data can be archived on a separate database for long term storage