We may need to convert and standardise flags sent with test data. The two most common reasons are:


  • we want to standardise flags so we have a simplified set of values such as L or H (Low or High)
  • we want to produce flags from different reference ranges depending on the age of the subject

We can standardise the flags to allow us to import them into another LIMS.

We need to import the data into a LIMS and produce flags from the test results by comparing these to the subject and age specific reference ranges.  A LIMS solution such as LabDriver will also allow us to produce medically significant Alert Values and we can then create AL and AH (Alert Low and Alert High) flags against the imported data.



Convert Flags-01

One analyser sends


A second analyser sends ++, , -

A third  analyser sends **, , !!


Convert Flags-02

We want H or L


Convert Flags-03

We want to see the original and revised data.

We find two fields in the database called Flag and FlagOrig.

FlagOrig has our original values eg CNTL^HIGH and Flag has H.

Our HL7 data has the revised Flag values but our database has both values so we can check and validate the system.