Most analysers send the Operator ID in the data stream and LabComm will store them. This allows the lab to have a traceable audit as to who carried out the test.

Some labs and clinics have a large number of employees each with different roles and responsibilities. Some staff are responsible for setting up the equipment. Another group of staff run the QC tests and samples. A third group of staff may only be allowed to process the samples.

Some analysers, such as the Siemens Clinitek will allow the Operator list to be downloaded and stored on the analyser. This can be very useful in a large site such as a hospital with several hundred employees. This type of analyser usually require that staff scan in their ID before running a QC or sample test.


Sending Operators-01

These labs and clinics would like to send the details of the Operators to the analysers

Many analysers and those that use the POCT1-A protocol support this feature


Sending Operators-02

We can send the Operator list to these analysers


Sending Operators-03

The Operator list typically includes the Operator ID, User Access Level, Password and Account Expiry date

We store these values in the LabComm database

The Operator list is then set to the analyser

The LabComm database displays if the analyser has accepted the operator list and when it was last updated.

If the Operator list or permissions of the users change we can then send the revised list to these analysers.